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Question: how do we save children?

Answer: save their mothers!

Today is the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women.  What’s that got to do with us I hear you ask?!  Well, saving children isn’t easy.  Where we can, through our programme work, we’ll save those lives one at a time.  But we can and must save even more lives by changing the systems and societies that allow these deaths to happen.  In the UK and all over the world, women and children do not receive the care they deserve.

Women do not make political decisions – they hold only 19% of the world’s parliamentary seats.  They do not always receive an education. With an education, their babies are 50% more likely to survive.

But it gets worse.

75% of the civilians killed in war are women and children.  So many of the countries we work in are caught up in conflict, it makes the chance of survival even lower.  Domestic violence is the single biggest cause of injury and death to women worldwide.  These are our mothers, grandmothers, sisters and carers.  Each one leaves a family, friends and maybe even a child, who stands less of a chance of surving without them.

Mothers are our partners – they hold the key.  If you are a mother, if you know a mother (let’s face it, that’s EVERY ONE) then join our campaign.

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