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Marathon training in progress — luckily still 4 months to go…

Things I have learnt this week:

1. Running up hills is really difficult

2. I need to train a LOT before October

3. Running in the real life *countryside* feels lots harder than running in the gym

4. I can’t start dreading going for runs

Sunday – I ran 25mins on the treadmill with about 15mins of sprinting/walking (technically called interval training I believe). I went in the morning and felt I had a lot of energy. Coincidentally after I had been running for about 11mins a Save the Children advert came on the TV and the thought of children like Asha spurred me on. Come the 11-mile mark on race day (apparently where lots of runners hit a wall – metaphorically not actually!) I will need to keep Asha in my mind.

Monday – 20mins on the running machine and 20mins on the old cross trainer. I went after work and really felt like I had no energy and bounce. Training in the morning seems like a more sensible option now – although the issue of when to have breakfast comes in to play. I can’t exercise on a completely empty stomach but don’t want to be running full on cereal, toast and coffee!

Tuesday – netball for Save the Children vs another charity – we won – woops! But don’t feel I had a proper work out. Still good to get some fresh air and have fun with my friends

Wednesday – netball for another team – the Amazons. Felt like more of a workout but I still don’t feel like it will get me round 13.5 miles on 10/10/10!

Saturday – I was in Stafford and went for a run with my boyfriend who is training for the Amsterdam marathon in October the week before the Royal Parks. This was an interesting learning curve for me because:

  • as mentioned, hills really take it out of me. I was puffing away from early on. They weren’t even really big hills!
  • I walked for about 5 mins which also really annoyed me, as I think I give up too easily. The boyfriend asked me how I was doing, and if I wanted to walk for a bit and I said yes immediately! I need to be stronger with myself and just keep going. After I had got back I didn’t feel too tired or in pain — it’s just in the moment when you think your lungs can’t take anymore. I guess this is the essential point of training!
  • I need to train at my own pace — my boyfriend had done a 15 mile run really easily the weekend before so it was important I didn’t compare myself to his fitness levels.
  • I really need to relax when I’m running — if I start to dread the training or to see it as a chore the whole process will be a lot more painful.

As for the fundraising — I am still to get off the ground! Yaseen Sheikh, who is running the British 10K for Save the Children, came up with a good fundraising idea. He suggests organising a stand at a table-top fair, and giving a percentage of the takings to Save the Children. Thanks for your suggestion Yaseen! Any more ideas from anyone?

Still lots still to do — both fundraising and training!

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