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Lucy is now officially a “runner”

Today is the beginning of the rest of my life as a “runner”. For today is 10 June, which means it is exactly four months to the day when I will be taking part in the third Royal Parks Half Marathon on 10 October.

10-10-10 – what a cool date! Is that one of the reasons I signed up? Possibly. Another reason is that it is such a beautiful route through all the Royal Parks and they always look so tempting on a beautiful Autumnal morning. I also want to raise money for Save the Children. Having worked at Save the Children for almost two years now, I’m still amazed at the work that we do. I’m sitting at my desk today eating my cereal and drinking my coffee when there are so many children out there who have nothing to eat, are scared and alone or who have few opportunities. I can change this.
I’ve got four months to get fit and reach my target of £600, so on to the getting fit part…

Exercise I’ve done this week:

Netball match in the charity league Save the Children vs. Friends of the Earth. Lots of fun and the sun was shining. Then I decided that because I hadn’t been to the gym for sooooo long (about a month and a half) that I would go in on my way home just to see it, so that it wouldn’t be so daunting the next time.

When I was there I decided to do 20 mins on the cross trainer. This turned into 25 mins as I wanted to find out the answer to the Who Wants to Be a Millionaire question. I have since found out that Roland Mouret is a fashion designer and netted the contestant a cool £50K.

But cross trainers. Are they good training? In my new life as a runner, will they improve my general fitness and stamina? They certainly make me sweaty. On the internet it sounds like they are good for low impact work outs that don’t put a strain on joints but I was looking at websites that sell cross trainers, so I’m sure they’d sing their praises.

Netball match. A social league. Wasn’t actually that sociable and we lost 🙁 Sun was still shining though.
So far my normal week does not actually involve any running. This is all about to change. I have read the helpful training programme on the Royal Parks website (definitely went for the beginner rather than the intermediate). My first run is for 20 mins and they have kindly said I can walk if necessary. I feel I can do that. Maybe this running business isn’t going to be as hard as I thought.
Also, as the sun is now shining – sporadically – I have the potential to start running outside. Does anyone have any advice on training for a half marathon on a running machine vs. running outside? I am worried that my training will be very weather dependant. 

For the fundraising side of this marathon,  here is my list of things to do:

  • Personalise my online fundraising page and upload photos of Save the Children’s fantastic work
  • Start thinking about events I could organise to raise money. Perhaps a Save the Children BBQ at my house? I did have one last weekend so it would be difficult to ask all my friends to come again but this time to pay money. I might wait for a few more months for that one.
  • I have an idea to buy lots of ice cream and lollies on a really hot day and then try to sell them around the office on a really hot day. Just got to wait for that hot day to come again.
  • Another idea is some kind of football related party. ‘Tis the season after all.

Has anyone got any fun, simple fundraising ideas that I can do?

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