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Mary’s Living & Giving Shop: Our team is like a family

Why did you start volunteering?
I had lots of free time and wanted to find something I could put my passion into.

Would you recommend volunteering?
Definitely. Volunteering with a group of people with different skills but a shared objective is interesting and rewarding. There’s camaraderie. The satisfaction of knowing you are doing something to help save children’s lives is immense.

What are benefits of volunteering?
I think they are extremely personal. For me it was about getting my brain into gear and getting ready to go back to work. Making great friends has been a marvelous bonus. My husband and I are fortunate to have a comfortable lifestyle and this is a way I can put something back.

Why Mary’s Living & Giving Shop?
I thought it would be more interesting and creative than your average shop and it absolutely is. The team at Mary’s Living & Giving Shop is like a little family and the customers are our relations.

Why Save the Children?
I like the idea of volunteering locally for a charity that works globally. I noticed from watching the news that Save the Children is nearly always first on the scene of an international disaster and it makes me immensely proud to be a part of that.

What days do you work?
Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday. It’s flexible and so am I.

Favourite shop moments?
Our shop is intimate and customers love the atmosphere here. We build up a closer relationship than many retailers and that’s special but I think my most memorable single moment must be watching one volunteer, who shall remain nameless, dancing around the store in her thigh high leopard skin D&G boots. She knows who she is!

Favorite song?
‘Rocket Man’ by Elton John

Describe yourself in five words:
I’m a natural blond. Honest.

Favourite expression?
Right, who’s for tea?

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