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I’m blown away by the public’s generosity for Haiti

The news about the suffering of the people in Haiti is utterly devastating.  We’re hearing stories of human misery that are beyond belief.  We hear that there are young children who are alone, hungry, thirsty and desperately frightened on the streets of Port-au-Prince, searching for their family.

13 members of our own staff in Haiti are still unaccounted for.  Our team in country have all experienced personal tradegy and seen horrors, but yet they’re focus is on helping their fellow countrymen – meeting their humanitarian needs as soon as possible.  It’s an understatement to say I’m impressed – I cannot begin to imagination what they’re going through.

Once again, I’m humbled by the response of the British public to this grave emergency.  Save the Children has raised more than £200,000 already – astounding generoisity.  Every time we launch an appeal you wonder how the public will respond – and every time we meet the same deep concern, and strong desire to be part of something that helps the poor people whose lives have been tipped upside down.  Thank you so much.

Media stories this morning are focusing on aid not getting through.  We need to be patient at this critical time – relief supplies are coming in and agencies are working really hard together to make this happen.  The logistical challenges in making this happen are enormous – just imagine how the UK would cope with an emergency like this if our houses of parliament had collapsed and none of our emergency services were functioning?  Save the Children started distributing supplies yesterday – and we’ve got orders of thousands of relief materials coming.

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