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Finding money!

I suffered a mini ethical dilemma yesterday morning when I found a £10 note on the floor whilst walking from the Tube to work. I picked it up and felt like I was stealing it from the floor! I apologise to anyone who lost one on Thursday morning but fear not it went to a good cause – straight onto my fundraising page obviously.

I felt embarrassed and wanted to start asking passers by if they’d seen anyone drop it. But now I’m happy that the £10 could be spent on a hygiene kit for a family of six, so that children and their families can keep themselves clean and prevent disease after the recent floods in Pakistan. Plus, a stainless steel kettle so that a family can try and prepare food.

An incomprehensible number of people and children have been affected. It’s only going to get worse as more rain comes. Save the Children is there to make sure the most vulnerable are looked after.

I’ve been thinking all week about costs and how much money I waste on unnecessary things… Like when I buy a sandwich for lunch everyday or have the final Jägerbomb when the club is about to close. I certainly won’t be the first or last person to have these moments of wanting to change my life and never waste money like that again.

Unfortunately, sometimes I feel like I need the convenience of buying a coffee and a croissant on the way to work. I did just have one as a Friday treat but I need to change this.

So on to training. I can’t avoid it anymore. I haven’t been overly busy on the running front recently. Had a killer few days last week when I went on two 5K runs in two days followed by a 6K run a few days later.

For the latter, I went with my lovely friend Ben. After the first 5 minutes, I really thought I would have to give up as he was going so much faster but somehow I kept going.  Perhaps you can always run faster or for longer than you expect.

It was a little embarrassing at one point when I ran straight through our local park and Ben sprinted all the way around it so that he felt like was getting a proper work out. But hey ho – you’ve got to start somewhere. I’m still pretty happy with my 6K.

Then I had a terrible week of doing absolutely nothing other than the odd bit of netball. I did a lot of dancing at my sister’s party at the weekend but I’m just not sure that counts as training. In a fit of guilt I did 5K after playing netball…but it was on a treadmill which I’m not sure counts as a full 5K – more like 3.

In a somewhat strange move, I have also now quit my membership to the gym – talking about wasting money. Now that I’m running a lot (supposedly!) and playing netball once or twice a week, I don’t have time to go to the gym too. I wonder how I’ll feel come the winter when I haven’t done any exercise for months.

Managed to rope in some more friends to take part, so now we can compare our Fartleks routine (or just find out what that means) and spur each other on to train more.

Still more places if anyone feels inspired. Still on the cusp of a 10 week training programme so there’s plenty of time.

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