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Ain’t nothing better than bonding over giant motorised footballs…

Yesterday, I took part in the staff bonding session of our largest corporate supporter Reckitt Benckiser (best known for producing Dettol and Vanish) and it was great fun. The day consisted of being split into teams of around 13 people from RB and Save the Children with each team representing a World Cup country (I was from Chile). 

There were lots of different activities starting with us painting a masterpiece of RB products such as Clearasil and Nurofen. Our Nurofen box was by far the best. The level of detail went beyond what was required and yet we were the first team to finish.

We then proceeded to getting soaked in the river with a bit of canoeing, rowing and dragon boat racing. On reflection, beige linen trousers were perhaps not the best attire for such activities. Luckily it was a sunny day and I dried out quickly sparing me some embarrassing blushes. It was immense fun though. The Chilean dragon boat racing team proved to be a mighty force, winning the race in an impressive 1min 35 secs.

The final competitive group activity was all football related and consisted of a bit of dribbling, table football and penalty shootouts. Obviously football wasn’t really our forte, our team was absolutely crushed by New Zealand. 

The best thing of all was the footie game on giant football scooters. Quite possibly one of the best things I have ever been able to try in my life, it was so much fun. I am now going to scour the globe to try and find one for personal use. These football machines go at 30 miles per hour. Can you imagine the amount of fun you can have zooming round on a giant football?

Anyway, moving on… We then had a drumming masterclass, followed by the prize giving. America won but I’m proud to report we came 4th out of 18 teams. Then it was time for a yummy bbq in the sunshine.

It was a fantastic day out and a great way for the two organisations to come together. There was a perhaps a bit too much high-fiving, whooping and cheesy grinning going on, but when you think that together we’re working to change the world to make it a better place for children, it was definitely worth it.

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