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Youth Group in south africa (Getting There)

Getting there is a youth group in Musina which i’m apart thats still in its early stages of development.We are based at Save the children in Mesina,which is home to many teenagers from Zimbabwe who came to South Africa looking for greener pastures.We had never interacted with the children so when we were given the oppotunity to do so on Saturday May 9,we were both eager and wary of how it would be like.they look like the average/normal teen on the outside,but there inside bare heart wrenching stories of experiences thet no one-especially a child-should go through.

We the members of Getting there(GT), arrived quote early to meet with the children.before that morning,took for granted and stood on one staring at the children in their tarnished gear but they bore accessory.big friendly smiles.a ball rolled to our side was the ice breaker as one of us kicked it back to them and we in no time foung ourselves engagedin a game of ball.

Onias aged 14, was the first guy i spoke to from Zimbabwe. he didnt speak graet english or Venda(my home lunguage)so i was forced to put the little shona (his home lunguage) that i know in action. Onias ,stays at the refuges child protection(RCP). I asked if he want to go to school and his reply, i want to, they have been trying to find a place for me in the local schools but have so far not been successfull. When my friends from (RCP) go to school in their uniforms bought by Save the children, i cant help but envy them, while they are at school, im just brought hear at Save the childre. Am just waiting to be told that i can go to school. And when i asked if he ever wanted to go back home he just said that i dont want to go back since you guys have treated me as a human being but not as a canine by that time i was feeling sory for him giving him a shoulder to cry on.

thank you

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