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We’re here to remind you ……

The sun was out, the sky was blue. Not even one cloud to spoil the view. No wait a minute that’s not strictly true. 10 walkers with billboards demonstrating opposite the House of Commons on Parliament Square were most definitely spoiling the view for the Government.

The messages on the billboards, ‘1 in 3 children in poverty – UK shame and Labour keep your promise – end child poverty’, were timely reminders of the historic promise the Labour Government made 10 years ago to halve child poverty by 2010 and eradicate it by 2020.

There is a real danger that unless the Government invests at least £3 billion to tackle child poverty in this year’s Budget, the 2010 target will be missed by 700,000 children. Low income families were struggling to make ends meet before the economic downturn but now more than ever it is crucial that the Government does not withdraw its lifeline to these children

“Poverty should not be a birthright. Being poor should not be a life sentence. We need to break the cycle of disadvantage.” Tony Blair 1999

These words ring as true today as they did in 1999. The children living in poverty in the UK are hoping this is not a hollow promise but one the Government intends to keep.

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