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Voices @ the G20

the atmosphere is starting to buzz

i’m at the blogging centre at the G20 in London. we have over 50 bloggers from around the world with a readership of 14 million.

bloggers have come from 22 different countries. bloggers will be given access to the main G20 venue over the next few days in order to tell the real story of the meeting.

today we have made introductions and heard a little about the countries we all work in and what we hope to achieve.. everyone listed some tag words and these included justice, transparency, stop tax havens, climate…

Daudia Were from Kenya challenged the group to remember that people ‘out there’ know and feel exactly what is going on.

The introduction from Duncan green followed this theme. He reminded everyone that poverty shouldn’t be reduced to a statistic – ‘people living below $1.25 a day’ but poverty is inequality, injustice, fear and humiliation.

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