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Training with music really helps…

So now I only have one weekend before the big race…

It looks like the training is really starting to work now – just got back from the treadmill with my fastest 5km time yet (33m 03s) – now all I have to do is keep that up (x4) and I should get a decent time…

I’ve found that using an iPod really helps – normally in the gym there’s some pop nonsense blaring out of the screens, but without earplugs it’s hard not to run in time to it (which slows me down)
Luckily one of my DJ friends kindly gave me a couple of his breakbeat mixes to put on there so now I can avoid Lady Ga Ga etc and run in time to a 140bpm tempo instead.

Thanks to all those who are giving me support and encouragement – looking forward to that celebratory pie!


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