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The picture in Kenya

The best thing about being a painter is that the complete picture is in your mind as you proceed with your work. On the other hand, the situation for Kenyan children in the remote areas of the country’s North Eastern Province is a picture you do not want ever completed in your mind.

We are concerned for the children in areas where we work. Imagine being only five years old and having nothing to eat due to a drought that has completely destroyed your family’s livelihood. Imagine witnessing the effect of climate change first-hand on your home town and waiting for the destruction of your home by the coming of the El Nino floods.

For the sake of these children, let us reverse the wheel of climate change. Let us ensure that they grow up in secure places. Save the Children in Kenya is committed to protecting children and ensuring that their quality of life is improved at all costs without discrimination.

The job they are doing makes you want to complete the picture after all.

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