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The MEPs that pledged to make saving children’s lives a priority

As the results of the EU elections become apparent, many of you will find the success of euro-sceptic and nationalist parties a cause for concern.  I certainly do.  As a person who takes pride in living in a diverse and multi-ethnic society, I shudder at the thought of being represented by those who would take away my British passport due to the colour of my skin.

Not to mention the fact that certain parties that have made significant gains in the European elections have no serious agenda to tackle the scandal of one child dying every three seconds (PDF 1.83MB).

Thanks to those of you who took our latest action to make sure MEP candidates took our child survival message to the European parliament. We had a really good response from candidates from the Green Party and the Liberal Democrats.  All candidates that responded to us were sent a briefing outlining what the European Parliament needs to do to stop preventable child deaths.   You can help too.

If you received a response you want to let us know about, or if you want to make sure your newly elected MEP is helping save children’s lives, email: campaigns@savethechildren.org.uk

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