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Teanage pragnant in south africa.

In south africa thise probem is geting huge day after day. we as south africans we think like the big issue that is encouraging young girls to fall pregnant during there ealy ages is social grant that they get at the end of the month, the amount of money is R200. the other thing that we think like is the main thing that is making them to fall pregnant   is poverty, you might ask your self how? during there school days just becouse they will be coming from poor background they get discriminated sometimes other laners tease them just becouse they will be steanking or not coming with lunch box, dying with hunger, i think these are some of things that courage them to fall pragnant during their aerly ages..

So we as the youth with full of love we are strugling to let them know how much are they important, you might ask your self how do we tell them? save the children have formed a group of young poeple that will work with orther young poeple as well we tell them the importances of education and how are they good without pregnant we also encourage them to get involved to youth commities.

thank you

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