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Spotted…..10 crazy walkers in the middle of the night!

Last night saw the first of two planned night walks in preparation for our challenge. The 3 Peaks Challenge requires the of whole of Snowdon and at least an hour of the Scafell decent to be completed in complete darkness. With this in mind we planned a local route which allowed us to get used to navigating in the dark and using our head torches without blinding the other members of the team.

Colin, the most experience walker of the group, suggested that we try to use our torches as little as possible, as this allows your sight to adapt to the dark and gives you better vision of everything around you. This was quite hard to get used to, especially when walking through the woods, but once we realised that you could actually see enough of the track not to fall flat on our faces it actually worked quite well! Another learning was that glow sticks are a useful source of light when walking in the dark. They allow you to see the track quite well without blinding others around you. Apparently one of the team already has a stash of glowsticks available from a recent holiday so we should be fine!

In total we walked 5.2 miles in 1h 54 mins, which is around the pace we will need to maintain to complete our challenge within the 24 hour target time.




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