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Shopping, lunch, home

In the morning we all went shopping. I wasn’t feeling to great, i think due to the intense heat and how it was quite stuffy although, i do enjoy shopping 🙂 After we had walked back to the hotel we went for lunch with many of the save the children staff and also some of the children from the child protection team. Masaka, one of the Japenese workers from Save The Children Japan couldn’t join us unfortunatly so we quickly said goodbye before hand. Save The Children Japan is taking over the projects in Mongolia so it was very nice to meet her. At lunch (where i had pizza!) we discussed many child protection issues in Mongolia and in the UK. We found out that they are doing so much more in Mongolia as people tend to accept that child abuse is happening there however, in the UK some people don’t like to talk about it. Also we were told that the rate of disabled children is much higher in Mongolia, probally due to not having as much equipment in the hospitals to help first born disabled babies. We then had to saygoodbye to everyone that we had been on the trip with as it was our last day. This was very sad as we are probally never going to see them again and it felt like we had known them for ages! We went back to our rooms, rested and packed for the long trip ahead.

At 9.30 we checked out of the hotel and went to the airport. On the way our driver sang to us again along to nice, relaxing music. We got the airport with plenty of time, did abit more shopping, played cards and boarded the plane to South Korea where we had to change. It was a 3 hour flight to Seoul airport and i spent most of it sleeping. We had a 10 hour wait in Seoul! Firstly i slept for about 4 hours, then i had a walk around and then got a manicure. My nails are now a pretty purple colour. At 1 o clock we got on the 11 hour flight home. It seemed to go relatively quickly and was a nice flight. When we arrived in London it was strange to see everyone as it felt like we had been gone for ages! Also it was weird on the drive home to have such a smooth ride as the roads are so different there. I had an such amazing time in Mongolia and i don’t think i will ever forget anything we saw but it was good to be back.

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