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Save the Children is ‘magick’

Post-Mary in Nottingham there seems to be a feeling that the whole show was just an elaborate trick of some broadcasting conjurer.

“Is Orpington even a real place?” asks T. We have no map to prove him right or not.

Yet if it had been made up I’m sure the BBC Marketing Department would have located it in a place with a far more creative name, perhaps Little-Takings-On-Sea?

The ‘Bookman’ is out so I spend most of my morning ruining (probably) all his hard work over the last few months.

My book of the day is called Magick.

The authors state that they are not in the business as with other magicians of pulling rabbits out of sleeves, marrying attractive blondes, or hanging over the Thames in transparent boxes. They claim instead that they do ‘real magic’.

The following is its advice on how to gain employment.

“First find a lodestone and wear it round your neck. Next concentrate really hard on your six preferred jobs. Make contact with six different employers about their opportunities every day and respond to them promptly. When you start going to interviews make sure you are dress appropriately, are well prepared and polite.”

Now your first reaction to this may be: “Why oh why did I sell my last Lodestone on Ebay last week?”. But the longer I considered this particular item, the more I realised how indispensable it was.

You see as far I’m concerned this book was written by a genius. Or at least someone who realised that the majority of humans are far more impressed by the supernatural than what is actually real.

In this respect the stone is a vital distraction which grabs our attention so we listen to the rest of the eminently sensible advice.

We could even try this method on leaders whose definitions of human rights are a little bit loose.

Dear Mr I’m A Dinner Jacket.

We’d hugely appreciate you trying out our model of democracy.

All you need to do is drink a vial of snake’s blood whilst singing a Madonna song backwards. Then create an independent body to oversee free and fair elections, give freedom and protection to all political prisoners and, through the promotion of minority rights, develop a thriving civil society.

Best wishes

The World

Now I appreciate many of us have our little superstitions that help us deal with the stresses of Twittering our lives away.

I for one will never go to Doncaster if there’s a Monday in the week.

There is still though, a lot of superstition out there without any benign qualities.

I’ve just finished reading a case study of a boy (Mingo) from Angola on the global Save the Children website. He was sent away from his family for using witchcraft when his sister became ill. His case is far from isolated to that particular culture, country or continent.

Save the Children needs to be a rationale voice for children everywhere who are abused, isolated and repressed by belief systems.

Then maybe children like Mingo can regain the spirit of their childhood.

And wouldn’t that be ‘Magick’?

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