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save the children in south africa.

save the children in south africa is a well known organisation becouse it involves young poeple on eveything that they do, they dont think for us they first listen to our stories than come with solutions and they stick to there promises , they are always faithfull to us as young poeple.

In limpopo province there is a place called Musina were i stay, save the children is working hard in order to archieve good things and also to make sure that young poeple are happy. we work with young poeple from Zimbambwe, Mozambique and Somalia some of them are not acompaned so about thise kind of childrens save the children and the local government make sure that those children are geting shelter and food..they also give young poeple school uniforms and make sure that they are eating at break time..

under thise issue of teanage pragnancy save the children is working hard to reduce the rate of pragnant to young poeple in south africa, you might ask your self how right they just group young poeple to one place teling them how much are they impotant to the future and also the impotances of education.

in brief i was trying to say that save the children is helping so very much. we wish all our best to it so that it can brings more changes to young poeple.

by dominic from south africa

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