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Save our Shop

Please save our shop

Apologies for having being such an absent blogger in recent weeks and I hope the withdrawal symptoms haven’t been too serious, for both of you who read this blog.

My excuse is that Saturday afternoons have now been fully taken up working. Fortunately though my bosses are kind, generous and charitable people (when they’re not eating up my weekends with trips to Mansfield, Derby and Lincolnshire-On-Trent) and have allowed me a few hours on a Thursday afternoons to continue my retail philanthropy.

Now I am not an easily troubled person. In fact I sat through almost 3 hours of Titanic and only then did it make me want to build an iceberg big enough to sink every ship that has ever been built.

Our shop manager Lynn deciding that she could no longer carry on with the job though does concern me.

And I haven’t been building her up in this blog just because she’d get her ‘electric cattle prod for difficult volunteers’ out if I didn’t. She is as spirited and committed volunteer as I have ever had the pleasure to work with.

So I worry where we go next.

Please then Retail Department assure me I have nothing to be concerned about. And that you have an idea as innovative, ambitious and well dressed as Ms Portas to solve our management gap.

Our shop has so much potential to generate money for the fantastic cause we stand for.

Without a leader though we can never achieve that which we are capable of.

On an entirely unrelated note what is Ms Portas doing at the moment?

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