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Yes we got lost, but check out where we got lost…

Unfortunatly our attempt to climb Scafell failed due to a minor navigational blip. Guess the mistake…. Shortly after realising we had climbed the wrong mountain we came to the conclusion that the mountain behind us must have in fact been Scafell and that we had taken a minor wrong turn which had lead to a small diversion up a relatively steep hill…

Not wanting to be defeated we began to descend the mountain in true three peaks style, until we realised once again we were heading for the wrong mountain…a small traverse along the edge of mountain number two and all that separated us from Scafell (which we should have now been coming to the bottom of) was a small river….

Although the team did not end up climbing Scafell, the walk they did complete was still great training.  We are now in a position where at least one person in the team is familiar with the starting point for all 3 peaks.





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