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RB to the resuce and Leh here i come…

The past week has just flown by and the time has now come to start the actual Global Challenge – the trek

Even though as most of you know a few of us experienced one big unexpected challenge in Kolkakta Cyclone Aila!, a quick update on this……. In true RB style leading the way as usual I am delighted to tell you that late last night I received a call from Andraea Dawson – Shepherd who had great pleasure in telling me that RB after little negiotialtion and no hesitation have committed 30,000 GBP to rebuild the work in the areas affected which wiped out much of the Child Domestic Workers programme funded by RB and the first Global Challenge.  Not only this, I have learned that  funds have been released from the Children’s Emergency Fund (also supported by RB amongst others) but RB have also committed to supporting lifesaving emergency hygiene kits with Dettol liquid and Dettol soap.

Much of the area is devastated and still under water, food and clean drinking water is scarce…. the villages we actually visited no longer exist and many children are missing as are many parents – sadly the true toll is now starting to appear, over 100 villages are still hugely water logged and very hard to reach but the response is now under way! Clearly I and my colleagues are truely grateful for this support which means many more lives will be saved and rebuilt.

After spending the last few days in Delhi welcoming and getting to know all the trekkers we are all off to Leh in just a few hours. Leh is one of my most favorite places in the world and i am looking forward to seeing  the faces of the trekkers as we fly pass the Himalayas into Leh, the roof of the world!

We will all be taking it easy the first few days to acclimatise but then on Tuesday the trek begins. We are all ready and raring to go and I am looking forward to getting to know all the trekkers from 26 countries over the next 5 days! After the trek all the trekkers will be going on a 2 day project visit will be a great chance for all the trekkers to not only see Save the Chidlren’s work but get their hands dirty and make a difference to the three schools they will be working in over the two days! Sorry to be so quick and I promise to blog again asap with an update on Leh and everything else.

best wishes to all Emma xxx

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