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STOP PRESS…OUTBREAK…Fighting in “La Isla Mundi” has led to thousands of people leaving the conflict area, towards the outlying towns. The resources in the towns are not enough for the influx of population, leading to food shortages and limited access to health care. With many people living close together, a measles outbreak is spreading rapidly through the population, leading to many deaths among the children in the area. The communities are crying out for help…

Fortunately “La Isla Mundri” does not exist, but the problems described are all too real in many areas of the world. “La Isla Mundri” is situated in a training location, where 30 of the Save the Children staff from around the world have come together to learn how to tackle health and nutrition emergencies in the country where they are working, or if they are deployed in response to an emergency.

The training was enjoyable, with facilitators donning wigs and acting in various cameo roles. All participants had the opportunity to listen to lectures and then put their skills into practice in the simulated scenario described. Much fun was had by all – however behind the acting was the knowledge that most of the participants are likely to need to put their skills into practice in real emergencies.

Health and nutrition emergencies are ongoing in many of the countries in the world today, with many children dying from conditions which are easily treatable and preventable, such as malaria, respiratory disease, diarrhoea, malnutrition and measles. We need to make sure that the Save the Children staff who are going to be tackling these emergencies, are as prepared as possible, to make sure that we save as many children’s lives as we can.

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