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Only 16 days until the Half Marathon…

Well they say the belly is the last thing to go….!

Honestly I’m not sure which has been the hardest – using the gym almost every day or going without all those naughty treats. I’m determined to keep up a reasonable level of fitness once the event has passed, however I’m fairly sure that I’ll at least be having some proper meals at lunchtime instead of all this salad and soup. No doubt the catering staff have been wondering what’s happened to their P&L in the last few months..

The thing that has kept me going though is the knowledge that a small amount of personal hardship on my part is helping to raise a huge amount of money towards a good cause – I still have quite a few pledges to follow up so I’m hoping for a good deal more to come!

Really looking forward to that celebratory pie now :o)

mmmm pie and chips...
mmmm pie and chips...

If you would like to sponsor my efforts please use the link below, thanks for your support!


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