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Massive celebration and Tribal groups

Day 3- First of all we had a lovely big breakfast followed by travelling in the busy traffic to the Naadam opening ceremony. The roads were very busy therefore you have to be quite a skilled driver so you don’t get to stuck in all the conjestion. The opening ceremony was filled with people so you had to beware of pickpockets which are apparently very skilled. The ceremony included the president giving a speech, dancing, acrobatics and even gold medalists from the olympics and parolympics were there! All through the day wrestling, archery and horse racing took place as the Naadam festival is the biggest occasion of the year. This was very exciting! After this we all went out to a posh resturant with a fabulous and famous chef. We were very suprised as there was pizza on the menu. yay! Once we had finished we took a quick trip to the deparntment store and then in the evening went to Torgo Salon Show. This was a fashion show with traditional mongolian clothes and also included throat singing, dancing, music and contortionists. This was amazing! We then went back to the hotel where me and my sister decided to have a mongolian oil massage to create better circulation and reduce stiff muscles. This was a pretty cool experience. Suddenly, just as we were about to go to sleep some stunning fireworks started going off! It was a great end to the day 🙂

Day 4- We started off bright and early today. After breakfast we drove on a very bumpy roads for about 90km into the 13th century national park containing 6 different tribal groups. On the way we stopped at a massive sculpture of Genghis Khaan on a horse. You could get a lift/stairs up to the top. It was very high but had beautiful views. Then we arrived at the national park. Each tribe lived in gers in the summer but had to move back to their homes closer to the cities in winter as it was harder to survive. The first tribe we visited was very fun as there was a japanese television crew filming for a TV programme so we dressed up in big mongolian clothes and they filmed us! We also dressed up in the ger of the second tribal group which were crafts men. In the third ger the Mongolian wrote our names for us in cyrilic which you read from the top down, left to right. At the forth tribe where they made dairy products we tryed some traditional cheese, yoghurt and cream. Lets just say it tasted very different. We also got to ride a camel here which i thought was very fun. We had a pleasant lunch at the fifth tribe and were shown around the sixth which was about keeping bad spirits away. After this we set off back to the hotel on the bumpy roads. Out in the country of mongolia it is very different to  the urban areas as i believe they have to do alot more work to maintain a good standard of living in the rural areas. The wealthiness seems to generally increase and the amount of animals seems to decrease towards the centre of the city. I have found that Mongolia is an extremely interesting country. Our visit has been more of a holiday so far! very enjoyable.

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