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Mary’s final act

First of all a massive well done to everyone involved in this project. It says a great deal about the amibition of this organisation that it was so successful in this venture.

Right onto Mary.

And another evening in the company of a woman who is so driven, you wonder whether she spent her time in the womb planning the colour of the balloons for her first birthday party.

And, well, maybe I can already begin to silence my fears from last week.

Because the shop atmosphere remained impressively eccletic.

Whilst on the volunteering front I thought she dealt with Brenda superbly. A piece of one on one volunteer management right from the Lynn Harris (our Nottingham shop manager) handbook.

I also loved her frank discussion with the gentlemen who felt items were now over-priced. We all need to remind ourselves  that the charity in ‘charity shop’ is for the projects of the organisation not for our own wallets.

So, what are my final conclusions?

As I said last week, the situation in Nottingham is nothing like as bad as it was in Orpington, but it is a shop that I’ve always thought has massive further potential.

With Nottingham Trent University on our doorstep (with one of the largest fashion courses in the country) and large employers based here, like Capital One and Boots, with extensive corportate social responsibility programmes, not to mention a city of 250,000 Robin Hood lovin’, Derby hating potential donors and customers just up the road.

So if the Mary’s final model is ready to be fully transported up the M1 I’d love to see us give it a go.

Just watch those road works around Junction 26a.

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