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Make poverty a history.

This is the truth dedicated to the bord of trustees, directors, global panel members, Save the Children staff members and to all those who have told them selfs to help young people. me as a young leader i believe that together we can make poverty a history and together we can make young people to be proud of save the children because we are the leaders with full of respect and hope.

but it is not the truth dedicated to those who are still discouraging young people on working together.it is not the truth dedicated to those who knows everything because if you know much you wont listen to young people you will think for young people,you will never care of what they say..

this is the right time for you and me to combine hands and ideas so that we can inspire dramatic change for young people,a right time for you to turn dreams to realities, impossible things to possible things but if you dont take action whose going to doit. MAKE POVERTY A HISTORY.


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