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Voices from the UK: Maxine

Maxine lives in Southampton with her partner and their two year old son.

“My partner Graham was laid off a few years ago. He’s been on a training scheme through the job centre, and was recently given a 6 week placement with a large supermarket, with a full-time job promised at the end. This job never materialised. He just completed another 6 week placement with another retailer and again there was no job at the end of it.

Neither of these placements paid a salary. He’s been asked to stay for another 7 weeks, again unpaid. It makes you wonder if these large stores are taking advantage of the recession and asking for placements from the Job Centre as a way to cut costs. I can’t work out why they train you up and then say there’s no work at the end of it.  What’s the point?  It’s demoralising.

I can’t work as we have a two year old son with severe disabilities, so I’m his full time carer. I receive £40 per week Disability Living Allowance but I’m entitled to £60. The paper-work is taking a really long time to process and the lost money will not be back-dated.”

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