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i have a past(poem)

I have a past inside my brains. I have a past inside my deep inside my heart, which makes my heart to skips a bit, which makes my heart to pound so very hardly, which causes my hot tears to flow over my skin,burning the couler skin of mine, just because it is a past with a very painfull history, where many of us got injured fighting for their cultures to can have dignity and also for them to can free.

I have a past which makes me proud of being dark in complexin, black by race and proud by choice. A past that allows  me to salute the diatribe announced by Nelson Mandela that “the youth of South Africa arte valued positions of thye future, without them they can be no future, our needs are immense and urgent.

A past that links me with my African Ancestors, A past that reminds me that i was onced refreshed from the water of the Nile River by my African Ancestors and also to salute the South African Folk heroe Nelson Mandela. A past that gives me confident and energy not to be scard of standing before young people telling them more about the preciosness  of education, motivating them on how much education is good to them, letting them know that education it is not only for those once that says we are intelligent, not only for those once that there parents are rich to can arford there needs and wants but for all of us rich or poor, black or white.

i have a past,a past that makes me feel pity for those once that are still calling them selves suger daddys while you are spreading HIV AND AIDS to our future leaders, a past that makes me to feel pity for those once that are still practicing xenophobia, for those once that are still pretending to be good boy and girls while you are rusculs and wooligans. Teenagers allow me to diatrieb you by telling you this dont ever dillydally your time because time wasted never regain

Abrigado/Thank you

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