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Hello Dehli!

Arrived in Dehli on Wednesday, we’ve toured Agra and Dehli for  past two days. Survived the 120 degree heat at the Taj Mahal and a flat tire on the way.   Words cannot effectively describe my impression of India.  The people are  colorful and beautiful  and the children are absolutely precious. The population is so dense that the people become the landscape.  The traffic and noise is unbelievable. I have never seen so much traffic in my life (and I live just outside NYC).  Up to four people ride astride one motorciyle with the mother sitting sidesaddle holding the children. Cows and dogs roam  the streets.  We saw monkeys too.  After these hectic days in Dehli we are all  looking forward to the serenity of mountians and the start of our trek in  Ladakh.

Love to all my friends and family.  Denise

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