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Hampshire and Middlesex LTA Tennis Development Officers Lend their Support

Last week I had meetings with the LTA Tennis Developments Officers for Hampshire and Middlesex.

It’s the first time I’d met the Hampshire TDO and he was incredibly supportive and enthusiastic about what Save the Children are doing with the tennis. He had been at the National Tennis Centre when we held our National Finals there in 2007 so already had some idea of what we were about.  As I left he said that he couldn’t wait to crack on with spreading the word. A great result! I’m not sure who was more inspired – him or me?!

I’ve sent him some wording about the tournament for the Hampshire LTA Website and Newsletter so I’m keeping my fingers crossed that some of those lovely tennis clubs and schools in Hampshire will answer the call this year and join in the FUNdraising.

The Middlesex TDO I had met before.  He’s an established Save the Children supporter and was involved with the event many years ago.  He’d had a rest from it but I managed to re-enthuse him last year and he was kind enough to find me a venue for my Regional Final, spread the word around Middlesex and help out with a feeder tournament at his own club – which he and his partner ended up winning!  The great news is that he is just as enthusiastic this year and will be putting something onto the Middlesex LTA Website and into their Newsletters for us.

I’m off to see the new TDO for Oxfordshire/Berkshire in a couple of weeks time so let’s hope that goes as well.  I’m sure it will.

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