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Gurmeet has landed in Monrovia, Liberia

The latest news from Gurmeet in Liberia….

“I’m now slightly short of three weeks into a six month placement in Liberia under the Logistics Skills Development Programme and so far so good. After several years working in commercial logistics, mostly in the oil and gas industry, I’m enjoying the shift in perspectives and goals.I’ll be based in the capital, Monrovia, for about three months, followed by three months in a field position. The city is small but is home to over half of the population of Liberia, who have come here looking for work.

Driving around the town, evidence of the wars is everywhere. But it’s also possible to see that the reconstruction is well under way, with new buildings being put up all over the city. The street I’m living on has recently had street lights put in and waterworks are being rehabilitated throughout the city.

The staff here have all been very welcoming and so far the work has been interesting. My role is mainly centered around procurement to support the various programmes ongoing in the country. The country seems difficult from a logistics point of view given the poor infrastructure and also the artificially high prices brought about through endemic corruption and price setting. But from a learning point of view, the more problems the better….”

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