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“freedom fighters in south africa”

This a short story about south african history and i wish you all my best for you to enjoy and learn in this short story i want to write about South African history.South Africa is one of the peaceful country in africa, one of the countries with a good history, one of the countries that have good leaders in politics, leaders with full of knowledge about the importances of freedom.

Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela his one of the well known freedom fighters who was jailed for 27 years in prison trying to fight for the black domination,fighting for equality, struggling to set all the blacks free. So i would like to ask you one favour to take a look at where Mandela he is right now and think about what can you do in order to be like him but you might be like him only when you listen to young people and also by making sure that you are doing good things for them.

We also have our first victim in south africa who is Hecter Peterson who died in 16 june 1976 in soweto while he was protesting against the idea of that they must learn every language in afrrikans but unfortunately we have loosed him. This is one of the guy that is motivating young people to raise their issues,a guy who is motivating young people to make sure that they know anything about their government in South Africa.

Thank you by Dominic

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