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Flight delay

Day 9- After getting up at 5 in the morning it turned out that our flight back to Ulaanbaatar was delayed! They had apparently been experienceing some bad weather of heavy rainfall and strong winds. This even caused death and destroyed homes in some areas. Later that day we found out that the flight was delayed until 4 the next day so me, Kayleigh, Philippa and our grandparents went for a walk around that town and to the museam. Nana saw a big sheep (stuffed) that she had really wasnted to see. so she was very pleased 🙂 Then we drove to the market with 5 of us squashed in the back as they didn’t want us to go in the boot (where there was loads of space) The market was similar to the black market that we went to a few days ago. After this we all decided to go to a lake and have a picnic (tho it was more like a picnic for the mosquitoes!) We saw massive flying grasshoppers there. I was bitten by the mosquitoes quite a few times as were most other people. After this we went ot a concert where all the performers were disabled. My favourites were a very pretty girl who couldn’t walk very well and had a fantastic voice and a blind man who also had an amazing voice.

Day 10- In the morning we packed for our flight back to the capital city. Although the countryside was beautiful it was nice to be going back. Whilst we were waiting outside the were lots of midges so i decided to spray the bench where we were sitting to make them go away, however this ended up in me having blue/green paint all over my arms! woops! The little plane arrived, we boarded and had a nice flight back. When we got back to the hotel our guide quickly said goodbye and then me, my sister and Philippa went for a meal in the hotel. Philippa said it was the best meal yet!

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