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Fifty bloggers (and an Aussie)

So here we are, together at last.  50 bloggers from around the world, all in London to tell the world about the G20 summit from the inside.  Or at least, from somewhere down the corridor.

Today we’re in Westminster Central Hall to get to know each other.  Though as I look around everyone is doing exactly what I’m doing, hunkered in front of a laptop.  This will be a slightly strange sort of occasion.  Should I tweet someone on the other side of the room to say hi?

Yesterday Gordon Brown and Kevin Rudd spoke in front of a few thousand people in St Paul’s Cathedral.  Best Tabloid Headline Averted moment was when the vicar who kicked off the meeting said “we’re delighted to worship Gord – I mean, welcome Gordon Brown…”  Nearly, so nearly.

GB’s best line was to say that for most people struggling right now, “the most important financial summits are the ones that take place around their kitchen table.”  Kevin Rudd was great… “We cannot shred our solemn commitments on aid…” And the sort of line only an Aussie can say: “I have enormous faith in the kids of the world”. 

Between them they talked themselves into a pretty radical vision for a new set of values for a global community – turning away from the roots of a crisis that “did not only cross national boundaries – it crossed moral boundaries too” (Brown).  Old values: security, liberty, prosperity (keep them).  New values: equity, sustainability, community (add them). 

Sounds good.  They may not get the applause they got in church if they say it in the ExCel centre tomorrow.  But I really hope they say it anyway.

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