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Feeding the 5,000

Today, three charities, Save the Children, Fareshare and Action Aid, got together to highlight the problem of food waste.

Supermarkets reject food because it is misshapen. Around 25% of all households throws away food every year. The UK alone wastes 15 billion pounds worth of food each year!

In Trafalgar Square, London, where hundreds of people gathered, they were showing us how to make a meal from some of the millions of fruit and vegetables collected. They made a delicious curry and freshly blended apple juice that everyone loved, and gave away bananas, apples, potatoes and carrots free to show that people do want them.

Our neighbour, a farmer, sells his crop to a big supermarket. One year they rejected the whole crop because some of the potatoes were not the right shape. These vegetables are still very tasty. And when you mash or chop them up they still taste nice.

There are so many children that go without food. Supermarkets should honour their pledge to complete the ethical food chain and give any food refused to those that need it most, the hungry.

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