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Day 1 in the land of blue sky:)

Is was nightime when we flew in. When I looked out of the window from the plane I was amazed by a huge group of lights that suddenly just appeared from the darkness. It was Ulaanbaatar. It was so amazing and really showed how isolated the capital was as is was completely surrounded by empty mountains.

First full day, we met our tour guide and went to the winter palace. This is where the eighth buddha lived and the last king lived for 20years. It was a palace made from wood with lots of animals and patterns carved into the wood. It was incredibly elaborate with lots of delicate carvings, statues, tapestys and paintings. We also saw a ger wich was lined with 150 snow leopards. It looked extremely cosy for the harsh winters.

After that we walked up a small hill to see Ulaanbataar from a distance. it was so amazing with lots of different types of housing and lots of bright colours. From the top we could also see the childrens prison near a forest where children go to from the age of 10! We also saw four beggar children sheltering from the rain under very small benches:(

We then had dinner at a mongolian restaurant and met some staff form the Save The Children panel. They told us about The Black Market and how you can buy anything and everything but have to be careful of pickpocketers. They also told us about how women have power over men here and in the countryside many girls are sent to school, and the boys stay at home to look after the animals. They also told us about the winters can get as cold at -40 degrees celcius and ice falls from the sky like sugar because it is so cold.

Its been an really good first day and im looking forward to tomorrow:)

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