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Cars: check. Route: check. Drivers….?

In a scene similar to the dreaded playground picking of teams, it has been left to me to allocate folks into  cars so everyone can start to prepare in more details.

In a lot of ways each car will be a small team, as they will be responsible for food and kit for that vehicle and also working together on navigation between the Three Peaks. We’ve decided to do it this way as we can’t waste any time swapping stuff between cars, and trying to organise food and kit just becomes more manageable when the numbers are smaller.  I haven’t gone so far as to split the groups by taste in music, but I know Toby will miss the treasures my iPod throws out. 

Final maps, routes and logistical preps get sorted this weekend – with every team member getting a copy so they can become more familiar with the navigational side of things.  

Small hurdle now is the fourth driver….Schumy is busy, Lewis is upset about Nicole, so our options are thinning.


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