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Before the flight to Mongolia!:)

My sister Michaela, my grandparents and I have been invited by Save the Children to go see the work being done to help disabled children in Mongolia. It was originally just my grandparents going, but when we met some staff from Save the Children including Philipa, who we are going with, they joked that we could come too. We never actually thought it could become serious! I’m so excited about going on this holiday because I’m certain it is going to be a journey of a lifetime!

Mongolia is such an unusual place to go to as it consists of mountains and deserts and I understand the temperatures range incredibly – very cold in the night and pretty hot in the day. I’m looking forward to the heat as it hasn’t exactly been the warmest summer over here! The thing I’m most anxious about is the food. In Mongolia the main diet is boiled mutton (sheep) and me and my sister are vegetarians, which is a bit of a problem! We have packed a small food supply of cereal bars so hopefully we should be ok:).

I’m most looking forward to meeting lots of interesting people, visiting the rehab centres to see what Save the Children have done to help out, and I am also looking forward to the scenery!

First though is the extremely long journey. This takes nearly fourteen hours by plane!

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