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An early start

Day 6- We woke up at 3 as we had a flight to Bayan-Ulgii. Extremely tired, we got into the carwhere our driver played some very relaxing mongolian music and also sang to it. It seemed very surreal fo some reason. When we arrived at the dirport we were taken into the VIP room 🙂 it was very cool. We recieved some drinks and it was a nice quiet room to relax. When we saw our plane it was very exciting as it was so small and could only fit about 40 people. i ws in the friunt and slept most of the way which was a shame because i heard that the views were amazing. with deserts, mountains with snow on and very little vegetation. virtually no life living there for miles on end. Our first activity when we arrived was to visit the rehabilitation centre after checking in at the hotel. When we saw our rooms we decided this was the time we had to “rough it” with freezing cold water for the shower. We got to the rehabilitation centre for disabled children and it was named ‘hope’ this pleased us very much and suprisingly it was located inside a ger. The traditional doctor that we met was very nice and was working there volentarily and we also saw some georgeous children. we ate yoghurt (actually quite nice) in the dictors home which was filled with embroidery wall hangings. it was amazing.

After this we met up with some other people to discuss the future of the project. it was interesting to see what everyone had to say. We then went to a families home to see a ouple of disabled children and we gave them dsome presents. they seemed very talented already and were able to walk talk and draw. it was very nice to see this. Quickly after this we decided to go to a home where they kept eagles and i held one! it was very heavy! the eagles tend to sit on the hunters arm when horse riding and when they would spot some prey theywould fly over and kill it. they were very skilled. On the way back to the hotel we stopped at an emroidery shop where thay gave us some presents. Me and kayleigh recieved a bag, nana recieved and coat and grandpa recieved a hat! they were all beautiful.

After this me, kayleigh and Sophie went to the black market. i love how the cows just wonder in the streets even when thay can see the remainder of others. It was the hottest day yet and the sky was amazingly blue! At about 7 o clock me, Kayleigh, Sophie and Philippa went out for a meal where it seemed like they ran out every 5 minuits to fetch fresh vegetables to put into sophies soup! it was very tasty. When we got back to the hotel we prepared for the long journey ahead the next day.

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