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All a Twitter……..

Sorry not to have posted for a while but I’ve been caught up in the magical world of Twitter….

Having resolutely avoided getting pulled into the phenomenon that is/was Facebook, I was not particularly excited by the idea of Twitter either.  Why on earth would I want to share with total strangers the answer to the question “What are you doing?”!  But I think I was rather missing the point.

The Head Office tennis events team set up their own account (STCTennis) and asked me to do the same (JaneWilloughby) – no doubt so that they could be guaranteed at least one follower.  Well, I did as I was told and started following a couple of famous people including Andy Murray who supports the Save the Children Tennis Touranment. Then I did a few updates with links to various parts of the Save the Children website and started following some of the other tennis related pages and charity related pages and before I knew it people had started following me.  

The best thing about it is that in the last couple of weeks I’ve made use of it to contact 3 clubs about the Save the Children tournament which I would not have contacted otherwise  The fact that anyone has the ability to contact anyone else whether they follow them or not makes it all feel very relaxed and not at all like sending unsollicited messages.  I love it! 

It’s early days on Twitter for the tennis tournament so it’s hard to assess exactly how useful it’s going to be.  But even if we only get a couple of actual events out of it this year, it will definitely help with raising the tournament’s profile and the profile of the work of Save the Children in the global tennis community. 

What we really need of course is for Andy Murray to do a Save the Children tennis update to his 17,344 followers. Now there’s an idea……………

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