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A long car journey

Before we left the ‘fabulous’ hotel in the morning, Nana and Grandpas bathroom had flooded! Grandpa said ‘i walked into the bathroom and realised i was standing in a pool of water! We had just started the journey when we saw a yak so, we stopped to take a photo. We also stopped:

– At a massive beautifully clear lake which we paddled in however there were millions of mosquitos!

– When we took some pictures of the scenery which changed over the whole journey. From no vegetation to grassy land to snowy mountains! Each was stunning.

– When we saw a heard of camels. I love them! They are intesesting creatures and these ones had floppy humps!

– When we ate yummy noodles in the middle of no-where. We ate really yummy noodles and we gave the children some stationary. It was suprising when they didnt know how to use it!

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