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120 truckloads of rice are on their way…

9th October
A busy few days in Hanoi. The time is spent planning for a succession of distributions in Hue and Quang Tri. We’ll start on Sunday, two days from now. We will distribute rice, household kits and hygiene kits to 15,000 households. Good co-ordination is key as there’s not much room for error. It’s worth remembering what 600 tonnes of rice looks like – 120 truckloads.

It’s been hectic and quite stressful. However, it’s heartening to see everyone across the whole team dropping everything to place orders with suppliers and organise for a 20-person distribution team to get from all corners of Vietnam to the central provinces.

In addition to this rapid relief, we’re pulling together other elements of our plan. Lots of children are missing school because they have no books or uniforms, or because their school is still closed. People are facing a food shortage across a vast area. Crops were wiped out and the next harvest is in 6 months. This means that people need food now and need to be able to plant soon for the next harvest. It’s not just seeds and farming equipment that are needed – fisheries and aquaculture were also severely impacted.

The response from people in Vietnam is really great. Calls come in from local businesses and volunteers with offers of support. The Save the Children team in the Hanoi office have all made personal contributions to try to get some basic educational materials to places where the schools were flooded.

Departing tomorrow morning for Quang Tri to brief the distribution teams and get started.

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