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Liberia: Davina in Monrovia

Well, we are on our way. It feels really good to be going back to Africa. It’s been a couple of years…although, if I’m honest, it’s never been harder leaving home likely because the children are a bit older…I just feel so guilty.

I was able to explain a little to my eldest daughter, Holly (7). I told her about Liberia and that was I was working with Save the Children. I can’t wait to take her. It’ll be amazing. Tilly just keeps asking me when I’m going to see the Indian children. This is probably from my trip to Bangladesh for Save the Children last year. Chester just waved me goodbye with a big smile, not completely comprehending that Mummy’s not coming back for a few days.

I’m now writing from my hotel room. We arrived and got through quite easily. The hotel was an hour away from Monrovia, the capital city of Liberia. The roads were pretty mad! No stopping, overtaking, lots of lorries with no lights on, we saw a crash between a lorry and a bike…I learned that not many homes have electricity so everyone hangs out at bars or by the street lights. Children even gather under street lights to do their homework.

Liberia is heavily influenced by the United States. The streets often go by the grid system, 16th Street, 17th Street etc, like in New York, and the police have just all been issued with a new uniform which makes them look like American cops! How funny!! Liberia is not like any other African country I have visited.

I know I’m going to sound like a bit of a princess, but we got to the hotel and it smelt so strange and our rooms were pretty bad. Whenever that happens I just get so homesick. I was thinking of my delicious husband and my yummy children, wishing I could be with them. God I must snap out of it. I sound like a misery. I have slippers (the floor feels a bit sticky). It’s all going to be fine…I’m annoying myself!!

I have just found out that all Liberia’s water is imported, so we must use bottled water to brush our teeth, and there is a high risk of malaria. I am petrified!!

I’m exhausted and we’ve got an early start.

Xx Me

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