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The Power of Good Nutrition

8Greens and Save the Children announce their global partnership on World Hunger Day 2021.

Every child should have good food to fuel their imagination and to help them grow up healthy and strong, but undernutrition is linked to nearly half of all deaths of children aged under-five. On World Hunger Day 2021 8Greens and Save the Children launched their new global one-year partnership– working together to bring good nutrition to children around the world. 

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“We are so excited to announce, on World Hunger Day, our global partnership with STC. There is no greater goal than to make sure all children have access to good nutrition and 8Greens is happy to support an organization who shares in that belief.” Dawn Russell, founder of 8Greens 

Good nutrition is critical for children to grow, develop physically and mentally, stay healthy and learn, and for their wellbeing throughout their lives. Despite it being their human right, today children are facing huge challenges when it comes to accessing good nutrition. Hunger levels were already at record global highs before the pandemic and are threatening to rise exponentially. Last year, 149 million children under five were stunted (too short for their age) and 46 million children were wasted (dangerously thin for their height), because of undernutrition. It can weaken the immune system, making children more susceptible to disease and illnesses, such as pneumonia. Without access to at least a daily meal, children can’t concentrate in school – and this has long-term effects on their futures. 

If we don’t act, millions more children will be at risk of suffering irreversible health damage due to a lack of nutritious foods. Communities across the globe are already facing an extreme food emergency, as 11 million children under five are facing extreme hunger or starvation, including in five ‘hunger hotspots’ caused by conflict and the effects of climate change. 

Gabriella Waaijman, Humanitarian Director at Save the Children says: “The COVID-19 crisis has led to a wave of new malnutrition cases among vulnerable communities, and we must stop this threat in its tracks. To truly put an end to malnutrition and hunger, we must tackle the root causes of acute nutritious food shortages. […] Investing now can prevent these deaths.”

Save the Children exists to help all children fulfil their potential. This means making sure children have enough nutritious food to eat, so they can grow up happy and healthy. The charity’s hunger and nutrition programmes help millions every year, with teams based in countries where children are most vulnerable to malnutrition. The focus is on the first 1,000 days of a child’s life, as this is a critical window for optimising their growth. The work of Save the Children’s global teams and national partners includes helping families with cash, food vouchers, advice on nutrition and breastfeeding, and medical treatment to help kids beat malnutrition. We need a world where no child goes hungry in the first place – that’s why Save the Children is also supporting communities to grow their own good food and calling on leaders to fund nutrition plans. 

By shopping with 8Greens, customers in the UK and US will have the opportunity to donate vital funds to Save the Children’s work wherever it’s needed most – including providing critical support to help children overcome malnutrition around the world. Hunger is not just about food. Hunger and poverty are inextricably linked to issues including: the rights of women and girls, income opportunities, health, education, social justice, the environment and climate change.

Last updated May 2021