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Helping the hardest to reach children

We focus on the most vulnerable, including street children, child refugees and girls in rural communities, to help them have the chance to learn, be healthy and stay safe.

Learning for life

From their early years through to adolescence, we're making sure that children in Egypt have the chance to learn.

Working with the government, we've developed national standards for nursery education. In schools, we've helped improve children's literacy by training teachers in new learning techniques. We're also supporting the government in working towards equal access to education and improvements in efficiency.

Our informal learning programme has given thousands of girls in rural areas the chance to learn. Through a combination of literacy, life skills, sports and livelihood support, we're empowering young women in rural communities to make decisions about their lives.

Protecting the vulnerable

Many children in Egypt work in tough conditions to support their families. We're working with the agriculture and cotton industries to improve the situation for child workers and give them the chance to get an education.

For children living on the streets, we're working with local partners to help them access vital services such as protection and healthcare. And through education, life skills, and vocational training we're supporting them to find routes out of poverty.

We're also improving the care of children growing up in institutions. We've developed a national set of standards in partnership with the government, as well as a training programme for social workers to make sure children in institutions are given appropriate care.

A child holds up the Mother's Day card she made during a Mother's Day activity at a community school for Syrian refugee children in Cairo

A child holds up the Mother's Day card she made during a Mother's Day activity at a community school for Syrian refugee children in Cairo


In partnership with the Ministry of Health, we're improving care for mums and babies. By helping increase the capacity of local healthcare providers, we're giving more mothers access to quality maternal and neonatal care - and saving lives.

We also promote good nutrition and healthy parenting practices, and empower mums and dads to help their children stay healthy.

Our livelihoods programme helps the poorest families to afford nutritious food and increase their financial security. We teach parents about finances and develop their vocational skills to help them earn a living again.


More than 100,000 Syrian refugees are now registered in Egypt. Many arrived with little money and few belongings and have struggled to find work.

We're supporting refugees in Cairo and the surrounding area. We've set up safe spaces for children to learn and play, and we're working to identify children who need extra help to cope with their experiences. We're also raising awareness of child protection issues and helping communities take action to keep children safe.

We're establishing community schools for refugee and local children, and training teachers to respond to the unique emotional and learning needs of child refugees. And we're supporting health facilities so that refugee families can access vital free medical care.

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