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Ukraine Crisis

Two years of impact

How your donations are helping children

Together with local partners, we've helped more than 2.6 million people - including more than 1.1 million children - in Ukraine and the region over the last two years.

This is only possible because of people like you: since 24th February 2022, you raised an astonishing £400,000,000 through the DEC Ukraine Appeal. 

Here's what we've done with some of that money for far...  


In Ukraine

Ukraine Map

Since 24th February 2022, our team in Ukraine has reached over 36,500 children. Through your incredible support and our 27 partners we’ve been able to:

  • support over 5,000 children with protection services
  • run 11 Child Friendly Spaces that provide a safe and supportive environment for children to socialise, play, and be children again
  • rehabilitate four damaged schools in Northern and Eastern part of Ukraine
  • give cash and vouchers to 35,000 families
  • get medical care to over 40,000 families through essential medical equipment, supplies, and expertise to hospitals and mobile health teams, with a particular focus on maternal and new-born health

For more information on our impact in Ukraine, read our latest report.

Meet our child psychologists

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By giving monthly you can be ready to reach children before disaster strikes.

Our work with refugees from Ukraine

Poland Map

In poland

Approximately 1.6 million were to have fled to Poland from Ukraine. Save the Children in Poland has been supporting children and families who were forced to flee their homes in Ukraine.

How your donations are helping children

Since 27th February 2022, we have reached 22,720 people, including 20,487 children by:

  • providing cash and voucher assistance to 3,728 people, including 1,804 children
  • setting up child friendly spaces, allowing children to socialise, play and be children again
  • helping more than 11,000 children continue to learn - including setting up 50 Digital Learning Centres
  • supporting summer camps across Poland

See the camps in full swing



In romania

Romania currently hosts over 86,000 refugees from Ukraine. Save the Children in Romania has reached 236,566 people, including 127,833 children.
Romania Map

How your donations are helping children

Our teams are working across nine border crossings for refugees, seven reception and accommodation centres and five Counselling Hubs, as well as through our Integrated Hubs and mobile teams and have so far provided:

  • cash and vouchers to 12,618 people
  • child protection, and mental health and psychosocial support for children and their families
  • learning materials, equipment, and trainings to schools, as well as remote learning with the Ukrainian curriculum
  • food, water, clothes, hygiene items, pre-paid sim cards, and more at border crossings and reception centres
  • social and educational services through our child friendly spaces and our Mother and Baby Areas

Inside our child friendly spaces

The situation now

February 24th marks two years of full-scale war in Ukraine. Two years since millions of children’s lives have been torn apart and changed forever.

Children have seen their homes, playgrounds and schools bombed. They’ve lost loved ones to the violence, or been separated from family members while being forced to flee.

Today, 2.9 million children in Ukraine need support to overcome the horrifying impacts of this war. Many carry emotional scars that run deep. For many children in the eastern regions of Donetsk and Luhansk, who have already lived through ten years of conflict, they have known nothing but war.

Thousands of children and families are still being forced underground to bunkers, as violence and shelling continues.

And - as in any crisis - children without caregivers or guardians in Ukraine are at increased risk of abuse, exploitation, trafficking and neglect. 

Become a monthly donor

By becoming a monthly donor, you can ensure that our teams reach children all over the world, all year round. 

Guaranteed income means we can plan long term solutions for children - like providing ongoing mental health support, or supporting them through our education work.

It also means you will remain close to the work we do and your unique impact through regular updates from us! 

Becoming a monthly donor is the best gift you can give a child.

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