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Ukraine Crisis

Our response

There is no safe place in Ukraine. 

15 million people in Ukraine urgently need help, such as shelter, food and clean water. 

For almost every single second of the war, a child has become a refugee. Almost two-thirds of children were forced to flee their homes in the first 100 days of war.

Across Britain, amazing people like you have united in solidarity for families whose lives are being torn apart - from donating millions, to calling on the government to stand with Ukraine's children.

Your generosity means we can help children in Ukraine, and around the world, make it through the toughest times of their lives. 

Help children in crisis now - Donate to our Emergency Fund

How your donations are helping children

We’ve been in eastern Ukraine since 2014.

With your incredible support, we've reached over 219,000 people - including 121,000 children - since 24 February.


  • Working with our partner Amazon to deliver clothing, footwear, hygiene items, toys and books to children that have fled to Poland
  • Providing cash and vouchers assistance to families to meet basic needs like food, rent and medicines
  • Providing child protection services to ensure children and families remain together, and separated children are safely reunited with their caregivers
  • running safe spaces where children can socialise, play and just be children again
  • Offering vital mental health support to children and their families 
  • Making sure children have educational kits and learning programmes to make up for lost learning

We're also calling on both sides to the conflict to:

  • Agree to an immediate end of hostilities. This is only way to protect children from violence and other violations of their rights
  • Stop and prevent attacks against schools and hospitals
  • Commit to stopping the use of explosive weapons in populated areas. 
  • Ensure full humanitarian access to families caught up in the crisis
  • Create safe and legal routes across Europe for people fleeing the conflict

The people in Ukraine need peace. And the people around the world demand it. See below for other ways you can advocate for children in Ukraine and around the world.

How you can help

How we helped Dmytrus* and Sasha*

Olha rides her bike outside her house in Ukraine

Thank you for your generous support which will help children like Dmytrus* and Sasha*.

They’ve both been through a living nightmare. But now, thankfully, they’re safe. “I don’t want anyone else to feel like we’re feeling.” says their dad, Artem*.

When their hometown in Ukraine came under attack, the family grabbed what they could – documents, money, a few clothes – and fled for their lives. At the Romanian boarder, in snow and sub-zero temperatures, they had to wait 15 hours before they could cross.

Once over the border, the family was met by our emergency team, who have set up a distribution centre giving out food, water, blankets and children’s toys.

Thanks to the support of people like you, we’re going to help many more children get life-saving care – and a chance of the future they deserve

*Name changed

How is the war affecting children?

All children from Ukraine - at least 7.5 million - are in grave danger of physical harm, severe emotional distress, and displacement. 

430 children have been injured, and 330 children killed, since 24 February. These numbers are beyond tragic, and likely an understimation.

Heavy fighting, shelling and air strikes across Ukraine have had devastating consequences for children and families. Many have had to flee to escape the fighting: two-thirds of children in Ukraine have left their homes.

Children’s futures are in jeopardy, too: air strikes and explosions have damaged schools and hospitals, which could make it harder for children to get the long-term health care and education they deserve.

Over 2,000 education institutions have been damaged, and another 213 completely destroyed; there have also been over 300 attacks on health facilities.

We’re also very concerned about reports of racial discrimination facing children, families and students at the border out of Ukraine. Everyone has the right to have full access to protection from persecution in other countries.

And - as in any crisis - children without caregivers or guardians in Ukraine are at increased risk of abuse, exploitation, trafficking and neglect. 

Our Emergency Fund

Across the world, from Afghanistan to Ukraine to Yemen, there are millions more children in desperate danger right now.

They too need our help to survive. That’s why we’re asking the UK public to donate to our Emergency Fund.

Over the past few months, we've seen the horrors children have faced. But we've also seen the UK come together and achieve an extraordinary amount. 

Let's keep it going – and change the lives of children everywhere. 

Help children in crisis - Donate to our Emergency Fund

Page updated 12th July 2022.

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