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Life expectancy in this part of southern Africa is among the lowest anywhere in the world – a shocking fact for a country that was once thought of as the breadbasket of Africa.

HIV and AIDS, disease and hunger, malnutrition and weakness, death in childbirth and from preventable causes – all these take their toll on Zimbabweans’ lifespan. But the cause can be boiled down to a very simple fact: a level of poverty so profound that people are living on a knife-edge.

Zimbabwe was once one of the wealthiest countries in Africa. But today its people face constant need. Many children don’t go to school because their parents can’t afford the fees. Those that do often fall asleep because they’re weakened by malnutrition.

We're working with families to help them earn a better living, and providing protection, care, advice and training to children orphaned by HIV and AIDS. We’ve set up dozens of child-led groups to help children to learn how to protect themselves from abuse and make their schools and neighbourhoods safer, and we've helped thousands of children in the justice system, so that they are treated as children not criminals and do not have to confront their abuser directly.

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