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South Africa

Find out about our work in South Africa

Poverty is a way of life for many, especially those living in rural townships.

40% of the population survives on less than R16 a day. Many don’t have access to proper healthcare and each year in South Africa 50,000 children under the age of five die largely from preventable or treatable causes.

Children living in poverty are less likely to have enough to eat or go to school. When they’re ill, they’re unlikely to get medical treatment. They live in houses without running water or toilets, and they’re more likely to be abused or neglected. And enormous class sizes coupled with a history of harsh discipline makes for a poor-quality education for many.

We're working to ensure that quality education is accessible and that schools provide a more caring and welcoming learning environment for children. We currently support over 140 Children’s Committees in schools and underprivileged communities, addressing local issues such as violence, abuse and neglect.

We're also working with the government to make sure children receive quality healthcare through schools. And we're working with partners to strengthen child protection systems and influence national policy.

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