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Rebuilding a better world for Covid’s kids

Covid's Kids

Repaying our debt to the Covid generation

Today's children will forever be 'the Covid Generation'. The coronavirus pandemic is the biggest global upheaval of our age. The lives of today’s children will be deeply marked by the turmoil it has caused. Their futures depend on the choices we make today.

Save the Children's report, Covid’s Kids: Repaying our debt to the Covid Generation, sets out how the coronavirus crisis threatens the futures of children across the world.

Ten million may never go back to school. Millions could suffer lasting mental health damage. A nutrition crisis looms as already weak health systems are overwhelmed.

Yet it is clear that recovery cannot mean a return to the status quo. The economic, political and social conditions that existed before the pandemic are part of what has given it such destructive force.

The next decade could see a great reversal in children’s rights or be a pivotal moment in the fight for a world where all children everywhere can live the life of their choosing. It is up to us.

The report describes the pandemic's relationship with key forces that shape children’s lives, such as education, health, economics and climate change.

We make the case for ‘intergenerational justice’ by acknowledging this impact and proposing ways to deliver a recovery that will help future generations thrive.

Finally, the report aims to be a catalyst for conversation and provoke further contributions to this crucial debate.

Read a blog by the report's co-author, George Graham, delving deeper into why this is such a critical moment for the futures of children like Sofia.

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